Research is the essence and fundamental basis of evaluation for the purpose of investing. It allows the reader the benefit of extensive and through Investigative work preformed by professionally trained analysts. Great research is not an art but a science that is through a carefully followed approach.

Unfortunately a steady growing declining trend has occurred since the 1990's leaving smaller companies without quality research coverage available to the market place.

The Global Research Settlement in the US in 2003 changed the landscape of the securities research industry considerably. With greater scrutiny of soft-dollar payments for research and regulatory requirements for sell-side firms to provide additional independent research to their clients, Independent Research Providers grew in importance in the securities industry. Subsequently, there have been further regulatory changes on commission sharing arrangements and research payments.

This event is a function and economic consequence causing research providers little means of recouping their initial and recurring costs. Although typical transaction cost are very low today and that is for everyone benefit it has come with a substantial cost of no available research for small companies. Our team of experienced research analysts brings deep knowledge to a wide range of industries and geographies.

Shareholders are not able to access independent research provided by professionals to assess their invests other than through their own due diligence. Because this is time consuming and most are not trained with specific skill sets often valuable opportunities remain overlooked and unrecognized. Opus Group Financial works for the underlying company and to the benefit of existing shareholders for the sole purpose of making available to the market place independent, unbiased and professionally written evaluation and research reports. Benefit from our robust internal processes that ensure quick turnaround times, cost-effective and high quality research.

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