Opus Group Financial provides comprehensive tax compliance and financial reporting services to privately-held companies, start ups, portfolio companies of Private Equity/ Venture Capital firms and clients of law firms. We specialize in providing independent valuation services to privately held companies for tax compliance and financial reporting purposes in the US and UK. We emphasize on understanding the stage of development at which a company is and then adopt an appropriate valuation approach.

A sound valuation should be based on systematic approaches to fact gathering and research. Accepted valuation methodology should be applied to the facts to develop a defensible analysis. A well documented valuation report should include information about the company and the subject business interest, the company's financial condition and earning capacity, and the industry in which it operates.

Experience and insight, in addition to an in-depth understanding of valuation methodology, are necessary to reach the correct result. Recognizing and properly weighing the underlying components of value, taking into account all the issues at hand, are important elements of the art of valuation. Determining a business’s value can be complex.

While some will say that business valuation is more art than science, the reality is that such analysis and opinion is a combination of both. Facts and judgment influence the outcome. When valuing your business or its assets, it is important to have assurance that the facts are considered carefully and that the analysis is not based on theory but insight gleaned from years of experience working with companies just like yours.

Whatever your reason for the valuation, it is best not to regard this as an academic or mechanical exercise, but a process that could have a material impact on your decisions and actions on what is likely your most significant financial asset.

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